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Is  DD14 a gamejam or something?

Sort of. It's an event over at Amateur Game Development General  where people post demos of long term projects that happens every 2 months.

DD15 will happen on July 1st; Shmoop 2 will probably sit this one out, because I want the entire 2nd level finished before putting out another demo (It's a little under half done atm) and some more re-balancing on level 1, expect a demo for September though.

Half of the time I die because I hit a wall or something... :|

This game is really well done. Awesome job!

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Really well done, quick notable by the fact that diagonals move speed are equals to the others (by rotating, the ship create a circle, not a square like many famous crappy games).

Here my contribution to who is crying for the gamepad controls. ;) This guide is usable for "Project SHMOOP 1" also.

Extract the game exe with 7z, you'll se all game files and the REAL "shmoop2.exe".

Open "XInput Plus" (, choose the new "shmoop2.exe" file, and swap buttons as you like (will be created custom dlls in the some folder and a ini file). Also you can disable all buttons ad use Xpadder (v5.2 is better, it doesn't dirty your system) to do the job.

Obviously, the best commands are:

X = Shot; A = Bomb; LB = Burst; RB = Speed.

X-Input controllers (Xbox 360/one, ps3/4 with wrappers) should work out of the box, but D-Input controllers (Like various old Logitechs and ps4/ps4 controllers without wrappers) need an external tool. I'd recommend x360ce over a keyboard mapping tool, since it would allow you to properly use analog sticks.